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Wedding Reception FAQs

  1. Where is Michael's located?
    In Buffalo (Hamburg) New York, on Southwestern Blvd. only 7 minutes from the Bills Stadium.
    Find Directions to Michael's.
  2. Is there a room rental or minimum price point / guest count to book Michael's? In general, we have a guest minimum of 40 adults for any event but if you are booking for more than 12 months away, there are higher minimums on weekend dates. An administration fee of 20% will be added to your final bill. The administration charge is NOT a gratuity, this is not distributed to the employees providing your service. The administration charge will be retained by Michael's Catering & Banquet Facility to pay competitive wages and enhance amenities.
    1. No gratuities are expected or collected. Our servers are paid a fixed hourly rate and do not work for tips, there is no gratuity or service charge required to be paid. There are room minimums on Friday and Saturday nights, which vary depending on how far away your reception date is from the day on which you sign your Contract.
  3. What is the deposit due to book Michael's?
    Our standard first deposit to book a single room is $1,000.00 and that is due as cash or by check, no credit cards. Deposits are early payments that go right towards your balance due and are not considered room rentals or extra monies due.

    Most receptions are then required to pay a second and possibly a third or fourth deposit depending how far away your reception date is from the day on which you sign your contract. Small events can have lower deposits due, and receptions booking more than one room will have higher deposits due, including the first installment.
  4. Can I have my ceremony at Michael's?
    Yes, your wedding ceremony may be performed at Michael's.
    Read more about Wedding Ceremonies at Michael's.
  5. Can I bring in my own DJ or do I have to use your in-house DJ?
    Yes, you can bring in your own DJ personality.
  6. What type of decorations are included for free and what are typical enhancements couples order through Michael's?
    Linen table clothes and napkins are included free, we also offer free guest table centerpieces and candleabras for the head table.

    Our décor is sophisticated yet neutral. Our walls are a blend of rich taupe and warm mocha; a versatile compliment to any theme or inspiration. Our three large ballrooms have 15 foot ceilings which stand impressive on their own yet allow you to plan and add your own extra special décor elements. Up-lighting in all the right spots makes your whole room glow in a chosen color palette while ceiling draping and twinkling high backdrops make a grand impression at weddings.

    We have a list of Professional Recommendations to help you create the perfect atmosphere reflecting your personalities here in our rooms. From sparkling centerpieces and fancy head table dressings to ceiling drapes and colored uplighting for your walls and dance floor. Michael's can coordinate it all for you, or we can allow you to contact vendors to make all the arrangements yourself.
  7. Does Michael's have a bridal suite for the bride and female attendants?
    Yes. Read more about our Bridal Suites.
  • What are my options for dinner service and is there a discount for kids and young adults?
    Michael's offers buffet style menus, sitdown, strolling stations and family-style. Yes there are price discounts for guests under 21 years old, the price depends on your choice of menu.
  • Can Michael's create a meal for my many guests with allergies?
    Yes, our fabulous Chef can accommodate any allergy or food preference.
  • How long does dinner service take and will I be left alone to make sure the servers are doing their jobs and to keep in contact with the DJ and bartender?
    Dinner service will take one hour unless you book the "Ultimate" Platinum Package which can take up to 90 minutes because of the extra course(s) being served. A dedicated manager will be assigned to your room to coordinate your dinner and bar service, all your special moments, and will even waive goodbye at the very end!
  • What are the important things to focus on or consider while initially planning my reception?
    Date, location, price, menu variety, management and staffing, room size, contract requirements, ceremony options.
  • How do I book a room at Michaels?
    A deposit and signed Contracts are due to confirm any party as a definite booking. The amount due depends on the room and the date being booked. Your deposit is due in cash or by personal check.
  • What are some early menu planning suggestions?
    While planning your menu, three factors should be considered early on:
    Your Budget
    Your Desires and Dreams
    Your Guests Expectations

    To address all three can take plenty of time, but Michael's trained staff can easily quote you different ranges and explain the differences between our Packages.
  • Who can help me plan my menu and reception itinerary?
    One of our trained managers can sit down with you in person as many times as it takes. If you are out-of-town, we can work with you via fax and email. We will enter your menu into our computer and ask you a set of standard questions to help guide you through the planning process. We can make suggestions and quote you different options so you can see how your budget is best spent. You can always call and ask us little questions, or save them on a list for a personal consultation.

    We have plenty of office time saved for reception planning and will pre-plan the night with an itinerary that states many of the important moments of the night. At the reception, your floor-manager and servers will work to keep to that itinerary's time line. The manager will remain in verbal and eye contact with you the entire evening and will work to assist you and your guests. Your guests will be impressed with our presence and you will be reassured and will feel relaxed enough to have fun and dance the night away!
  • How do I pay for my reception at Michael’s?
    Your final balance is due 3 calendar days prior in cash or by certified bank check made out to "Michael's" or "WNYCE".